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Welcome to Oregon Architecture

Our Philopsophy
Oregon Architecture, Inc. (OAI) in Medford, Oregon; is a client focused architectural firm with a solid track record of successful projects - projects that range from the simplest manufacturing building to the most complex state-of-the-art medical facility. We have built our reputation one project at a time with new and repeat clients that like the team approach we bring to their projects. We team with the most project appropriate design and construction professionals to provide our clients with single source project responsibility. Every project has a design team rich with relevant experience working together for and with our clients. We judge our project success on client satisfaction.

A Firm Foundation

Oregon Architecture, Inc. (OAI) grew out of the Design/Build construction model pioneered by a Rogue Valley based construction company in the late 1990s. In 2005, under the direction of the current principal, the in-house design staff was organized into a separate division and then a separate company to serve its design/build clients. In 2008 Oregon Architecture, Inc. separated completely from the parent company to focus on the design of design/build for commercial and institutional clients in Oregon, California, Washington, Nevada and Utah.¬† For five of the last 7 years it has completed designed for approximately $25 million in construction ‚Äď without a construction claim.

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