Oregon Architecture, Inc. (OAI) in Medford, Oregon; is a client focused architectural firm with a solid track record of successful projects - projects that range from the simplest manufacturing building to the most complex state-of-the-art medical facility. We have built our reputation one project at a time with new and repeat clients that like the team approach we bring to their projects. We team with the most project appropriate design and construction professionals to provide our clients with single source project responsibility. Every project has a design team rich with relevant experience working together for and with our clients. We judge our project success on client satisfaction.

Our approach is based on a system we have refined over the years:

Preliminary Design Evaluation: We review your written program (or assist you in writing your program) to identify your project requirements and then we verify those project requirements graphically. Through an interactive presentation we discuss your requirements and review appropriate design options regarding space, function and circulation.

Hotel-Grand1smOur preliminary project review will also provide you with an evaluation of your selected site regarding access, traffic, drainage, parking, building placement and other considerations affecting the structure, as well as information about applicable governmental laws, regulations and requirements. OAI will also discuss available architectural, civil, structural, and building systems with you to determine the design approach that best balances cost, technology, quality and speed of delivery.

Typically the Preliminary Design Phase will include schematic floor plans and building elevations describing your program requirements for your review.

The preliminary evaluation phase is complete only after you have approved in writing the preliminary evaluation and program review.

Preliminary Schedule: We then prepare a preliminary schedule for your project. The schedule will show the activities of all the major parties having an impact on your project, including Owner, Architect, Contractor and Governmental Bodies. You will be asked to approve in writing the milestone dates established in this preliminary schedule.

Development Permits: If appropriate for the project, OAI will submit on your behalf for development approval with the governmental bodies having jurisdiction over the project and monitor the process. The client is responsible for the payment of any fees.

Design Development Documents: Based on the approved preliminary plans, OAI will further develop the design. The design development documents will define the project in greater detail and can include information on structural, civil, architectural, mechanical and electrical systems. Before we move to the next step you will be asked to sign off on the design development phase.

Design changes are a part of every project. By going step-by-step through our process, with written client approvals along the way, we endeavor to keep the scale of changes appropriate with the current level of design. If major design changes are required late in the process, we didn't do our job early in the process.

Construction Documents: OAI will submit for the client's written approval construction documents based on the approved design development documents. The construction documents will include detail about the requirements for construction of the project and will include documentation based on current codes, laws and regulations.

Project Management During Construction: Project management is a major part of our successful projects. Our approach includes both architectural and construction expertise. Typical tasks the Project Manager is responsible for include:

  • Review and process shop drawings and submittals
  • Track construction progress
  • Suggest remedies for field problems
  • Attend regular project meetings
  • Review Payment Requests, Change Order proposals
  • Provide project close-out inspection and client walk-through of all installed systems