Project Location: Barnett Road, Medford Oregon

A specialty medical practice had outgrown its quarters in rented space. OAI performed a space analysis and program to determine the size a new facility needed to be to house all the functions of the practice. Patient flow was the key to developing the building plan. As the facility was large, patient waiting areas are dispersed throughout the facility. Each waiting area has a unique design motif. The selected site was tight, so we organized patient areas on the first floor and staff functions on the second floor.

The second floor is off-axis to take advantage of view.The building was constructed with several high-tech and "green" systems. Space was provided for an MRI suite, designed to accommodate a future PET-CT. The Infusion Room was equipped with large windows fitted with highly efficient low-e glass and exterior louvers to provide additional shading. A clerestory window system was provided deep inside the building to provide natural light to work stations without direct access to the building exterior.

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