Project Location: Ashland, Oregon

Originally designed and constructed in the 1960s, the building was receiving complaints from faculty and students that being inside was like being in prison. Further, the exterior walls offered very little protection from the elements. OAI was asked to perform an envelope study. In the process we were able to demonstrate how the exterior could be transformed from its current state to something with more controlled natural light and more energy efficiency.

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Project Location: Butte Valley, California

Dorris, California, is a small farming community located about 25 miles south of Klamath Falls, Oregon. It badly needed a community center. Through the vision and persistence of the local members of the Lions Club, grants from the State of California, the Ford Family Foundation, the McConnell Foundation and others, and a lot of local volunteer labor, the community was able to realize its dream. The Lions Club International has used this project nationally as an example of what a rural community can accomplish with a little local vision and some well-placed grant money.

The building is approximately 5,500 sf and can accommodate a crowd of 200 seated at tables. It features a full-service catering kitchen, restrooms, and meeting rooms.

The community wanted the rustic look of the log building, as a reflection of the area's heritage as a logging center, but it was also concerned with energy efficiency and the lifecycle cost of materials. Thus the exterior of this building is constructed entirely of whole logs, including the special hand selected Douglas Fir timbers used to create the roof trusses. The roof system is SIPS (structural insulated panel system), which allowed a complete roof system to be installed in a very short time. The mass of the building has excellent thermal lag. This minimizes the need for heating in the winter and cooling in the summer. Finish materials were picked with an eye towards long-term serviceability and the use of natural materials.

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