Project Location: Front Street, Medford, Oregon

Working with the Housing Authority of Jackson County to update this Frank Clark designed building originally constructed in 1915. The building was converted from a hotel to apartments in 1982, but needed systems replacement. Work includes historically accurate replacement windows and restoration of the exterior to a more historic look. "Green" items include energy efficient windows, awnings, added roof insulation and a highly efficient heating/cooling system.

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Project Location: W. Sixth Street & Holly Street, Medford, Oregon

The Holly Theatre was constructed during the Great Depression. In fact, the building permit was pulled in October of 1929. Construction languished for a few months while the owners waited to see how long the troubled times would last. In March, 1930, construction was begun again and the theatre completed, albeit with much more modest interior features. The building was originally designed to accommodate both vaudeville and movies, so it featured a fairly deep stage behind the proscenium, as well as 6 dressing rooms, and it had close to 1,200 seats without a balcony. It was (and remains) the largest indoor theater in the Rogue Valley.

The Holly continued to operate as a movie theater until 1986, when it finally closed its doors. In 2011 it was purchased by the JPR Foundation, Inc., with a goal to restore the building to its former glory and make it once again available for live productions and movie specials.

Oregon Architecture has been tasked with renovating the building to meet current codes, including Life Safety, Accessibility, Building and Structural, and to update the interior to allow it to function as a modern performance hall.

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Historical images of Holly Theater's opening in the 1930's:

The state of the Theater prior to work in 2011:

Renovation of the entrance & grand lighting ceremony: