Project Location: Main Street, Ashland, Oregon

Located directly on The Plaza in downtown Ashland, Oregon, the tenant space offered lots of potential for Eden Vale Winery's first venture into an off-site tasting room. In addition to showcasing its wines, the winery also wanted to be able to use the space for private functions. Further, they wanted the feel of an old English Library for the interior to lend an atmosphere of warmth, comfort and longevity to the wine tasting experience.

The design solution was to divide the first floor into two sections – the front half faced the street and has a small bar for free tasting of one or two varietal wines and general sales; the rear half is set up for extended tastings and private functions. The connection between the two is a corridor with a cleverly designed doorway that leads your eye into the larger space in the rear, which connects to a mezzanine seating area.

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